– Corporate Structure for Smooth Metaverse Transition
– Digital Currencies Flow in Metaverse & Role of AltCoins
– Web 3.0 Unicorns
– Sustainable Development Goals for Metaverse
– Social Impact: Setting Pace for Better Future
– Gaming and GameFi Trends
– Investing in Web 3.0: Do’s and Dont’s
– Media Brands & Metaverse: Paradigm Shift
– NFTs Utility: Working Use Cases from Retail, Sports, Arts, Events
– New Age of Digital Marketing for New Generation of Creators
– Ethics and Security for Metaverse: Safety First
– Digital IDs: Anonymity as Separate Dimension of Metaverse
– How Metaverses Correlate with DeFi Market
– Phygitalism: How Artists Thrive in Metaverse
– DAOs and Successful Governance Models
– Commercial Opportunities: E-commerce and Shopping Experience in Metaverse
– NFTsation for Brands: From Collectibles to Marketing Tools
– Data Privacy and Management of Big Data: How Will Data be Managed in Metaverses

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