Sir Verlin Sanciangco

@ Managing Director, My Liquidity Partner & Ruby Family Foundation

Sir Verlin Sanciangco is managing director of My Liquidity Partner and the Chief Investment Officer for the Ruby Family Office with a current $3.7B Asset Under Management.

Verlin has always been an advocate and strong supporter of outreach programs toward helping children and mothers. To continue the work for the children and mothers in poverty-stricken areas, Verlin organized the Ruby Family Foundation. Ruby Family Foundation’s goal is to be the first foundation on blockchain that will be fully transparent. One hundred percent 100% of the funds are allocated towards global outreach programs for children and mothers and all management team are volunteering their time and resources without compensation from the foundation.
Ruby Family Foundation is also involved in the NFT sector as a means to raise funds. In order to keep the Ruby Family Foundation fully sustainable and not requiring donations to fully operate, the “Smart Contract Solutions Liquidity Partnership Program” was created.  Smart Contract Solutions Ltd operates and facilitates the liquidity pool through and mitigates the risks by using the USDC/ ETH liquidity pool pairing.