Valerie Hawley

@ Director, Sorbonne Centre for Artificial Intelligence (SCAI)

Valerie Hawley is Director of the Sorbonne Centre for Artificial Intelligence (SCAI), in
Abu Dhabi, an entity aiming to enhance AI capabilities across the Middle East. SCAI
focuses on Healthcare, Financial Services and Climate Change.  Her expertise lies in
advising companies on their disruptive innovation strategy by developing use cases and
competencies in AI related technologies.

Valerie brings over 12 years of experience in disruptive innovation: first as an
entrepreneur; second, in her leadership role in setting up the digital innovation and
entrepreneurship programme at HEC Paris; and third, in her recent role as the head of
innovation at Daman, the National Health Insurance Company of Abu Dhabi.
Valerie is also a partner, based in Dubai, of True Global Ventures (TGV) a global
Venture Capital firm, based in Singapore, built by a group of serial entrepreneurs with a
solid track record of investing their own money, together with Limited Partners, into
ventures run by serial entrepreneurs. Portfolio companies leverage Web
technologies incorporating blockchain as competitive advantages to drive change with
proven products and sectors.  The fund is dedicated to blockchain companies, primarily
in late-stage Series B and C across three verticals: Entertainment/gaming, financial
services and Infrastructure, data analytics & artificial intelligence (AI).  They are early
investors in The Sandbox, Animoca Brands, ChromAway and Enjinstarter.
Her strategic consulting skills were honed at KPMG where she managed multi-
disciplinary teams.  Valerie has been working in the UAE for over 10 years and has built
a vast network within the innovation ecosystem.