Tee Ganbold


Tee Ganbold is a technology executive with experience as an operator and investor in frontier technology companies (from ClearAI,  Cambridge Analytica, ConsenSys to Intrepid Capital Partners, Fabric Ventures and Stelium Ventures), specializing in building ecosystems, go-to-market strategies and growth hacking. She is committed to building resilient, efficient and equitable economies by working with best-in-class teams and technologies that share her vision.

Tee is passionate about helping executives, regulators and the public understand high-level concepts in an accessible way, particularly in technology, so everyone can see the benefits. Tee has helped not only companies, but the public understand what data ownership is, how we can monetise our own data, and the ethics surrounding it with public talks with the European Commission, XPrize and United Nations International Telecommunications Union (UN ITU).