Ryan Gill

@ Founder, Open Meta Association

Ryan Gill is a 90s kid of culture; he brings that into everything he does. He belongs to the last generation who remembers the world pre-internet yet is native to it.
His 10+ years working in innovation was anchored in his time spent across LA and Tokyo. He started in entertainment working for RSA and Scott Free but then quickly followed technology into the world of startups and VC investing. His values have always guided him, so he quickly moved away from the zero-sum world of web2 and found a blue ocean in the positive-sum of web3.
In a few short months Ryan helped develop the LA ecosystem for blockchain, using his ability to create culture to connect brands and celebrities to web3. It’s Ryan’s ability to create language and connect the dots of people + technology across subcultures that has led to the impact he’s had in many different industries.
The year of experiences working as head of web3 for Peter Diamandis and living (getting lost) in Tokyo formalized a personal thesis he developed and called “The Open Metaverse”.
November 2017 Ryan incorporated Crucible, as a decade-long commitment and an action plan for his thesis of The Open Metaverse.
In the summer of 2021, he founded the Open Meta DAO to create a movement.
Open Meta Discord: https://discord.gg/openmeta