Marwa Mansoori

@ CEO, Garden of Life Dubai

CEO of Garden Of Life Dubai; One of the largest educational and innovation parks to be launched in Dubai and expand globally; aiming to create a better future for our youth. Appointed by His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan as one of the youngest members within the board of directors of the Abu Dhabi chamber of commerce & Industry, to achieve the vision of advancing the private sector to play an active and effective role locally, regionally, and internationally. Co-Founder of The United Woman Economic Network , which was launched on Q1 of The Abraham Accords with Special Envoy Areyah Lightstone, the senior adviser to US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman with the support of the administration of the White House, dedicated to build ties and trust among women in each country, fostering greater regional cooperation promised by the Abraham Accords and bringing the economic benefits of normalization to businesswomen and leaders in Abraham Accords countries and other likeminded countries. Founder of Malena Application –The First Virtual Market Place for the Aesthetic, Cosmetology Industry, which gathers all the information related to the Cosmetic industry from clinics and service providers location, facilities and pool of professionals to promotions, new technologies and trends as well as professionals visiting the Middle East for specific procedures.