Maja Vujinovic

@ CEO, OGroup

In 2005 Ms. Vujinovic identified a global need for mobile money and payments networks. With this vision she moved
to Africa to develop mobile payment platforms across Africa and Latin America. This led her to Bitcoin and DLT in
2010 and since, has been an avid builder of some of the top projects in the space and an investor in exchanges,
protocols, DeFi and NFT’s. Maja was also involved in buying a first bank that held Tether. In 2014, in her CIO role at
General Electric, she catalyzed blockchain across a variety of businesses which gave her a deep insight on the
convergence of smart contracts particularly Ethereum and incumbents view and difficulty in scaling. After GE, Maja
developed OGroup focused on investments and scale of protocols and projects.
Currently, her focus lies in two things: first, helping digital asset/crypto companies scale through operational knowhow. Second, because of her large extensive network, she provides guidance and develops private funds and
vehicles for number of family offices and institutional investors directed towards DeFi and understanding how
blockchain and crypto may impact their businesses. Maja is an investor in over 30 companies in digital asset space.
She is on the board of Civic, Prism partners and Coindesk, a lead contributor to and holds frequent
talks at Abudance 360, large family office gatherings, members of governments and CEO’s and CIO’s of Fortune500