Ipshita Kumar

@ Hype Partners’ Head of NFTs, Co-Founder, Lemonade, Web3 Ambassador, Figment

Ipshita Kumar is Hype Partners’ Head of NFTs, Co-Founder of Lemonade and Web3 Ambassador for Figment. She is a leader within the industry, helping bring brands to market successfully in the metaverse.

Ipshita prides herself in possessing the perfect balance of EQ and IQ required to help brands triumph in Web3 and is passionate about making it accessible for everyone. Ipshita didn’t take a traditional route into the world of Web3 (if there is such a thing!). She started her career in the hospitality, tourism, and marketing industries before co-founding Lemonade: a multi chain platform for creators to build web3 communities with IRL utilities and rewards.

Her previous experiences have made her a triple threat leader in Web3 with great marketing and operational skills alongside the prerequisite of tech understanding. She cares deeply about rebalancing the creator community to distribute equity more evenly and believes bringing brands into Web3 is one of the key ways to do this.

Ipshita is also a member of AllStarWomen DAO and heading the India Chapter helping bring together web3 female founders, entrepreneurs and male/female investors.