Hercules Fisherman

@ CEO, Our Wonderful Culture

Hercules Fisherman is an Award Winning Artist, Technologist, Thought Leader,  Mentor, Business Coach, Publisher, Speaker, Fundriaser, Organiser, Startup Evangelist and Serial Entrepreneur.
Hercules was CTO of the award-winning Fizzback; the first massively scalable customer intelligence analysis platform and Voice of Customer system  (VoX). The company was sold to Nice Systems for about $90m in November 2010..
He has many years of experience at board level and has setup many businesses in the arts, publishing and technology. He is adept at strategy, fundraising, product development, agile methodology, social media and team building.
He is a consummate mentor and advisor at various incubators, accelerators, educational institutes internationally with the Founders Institute, Level39, Bathtub2Boardroom, Oxygen and Seedcamp. With expertise gained in over 20 years in Tech, well versed in agile and lean helping some startups to success. Often working closely with investors and business leaders fundraising from early seeds to bigger rounds, negotiating deals, strategic planning, providing the guidance in shaping a positive culture in startup and growing companies
He is a sumi live painter, whilst curating art exhibitions and events since early 1980s, our wonderful culture gallery in Covent Garden closed last year due to covid, He has moved to Dubai this year starting OWC as a physical and metaverse space drawing from his expertise in Art, Tech and business gained over more than four decades working in these sectors internationally.