Gregor Maric

@ CEO, Parallel Office

Gregor is the Chief Executive Officer of Parallel Office, a Chinese metaverse startup that combines AI, Blockchain and VR to create a virtual office that is more immersive, more productive and more inclusive. He is a mentor for New Chip and Impact hub where he is coaching web3 companies on go to market, equity fund raising, token sale, value proposition and growth hacking. He has mentored over 200 thousand people on youtube with his videos on how to create nfts, generate collectable art, deploy contracts and create utility. At the same time he has also published different 5 star courses on NFTs on Udemy and Skillshare with thousands of hours watched.
He is a multiple times founder with the most recent exit in the AI and Web3 space. He has also worked as management consultant for over a decade at KPMG, EY on cutting edge projects involving technologies like AI and Blockchain. Because of his passion for crypto he has been involved in the space since 2016 mining, trading and building.