Frank Fitzgerald

@ Founder,

Frank has been leading the charge in tech as a CTO and consultant for over 20 years, winning multiple innovation and start-up awards. The last five years he’s been working on the metaverse platform, built for grown-ups to use for business, entertainment and shopping. stands out due to its simplicity of access, usability and has the power of a Zoom call with the added benefit of being able to move around a world, meet new people and experience new things.


Frank has a Wall Street background and as such understands the needs of big corporations and through is offering a smooth journey for them into web 3.0 and the metaverse.



  • The melding of metaverse
  • Interoperability in the metaverse
  • What’s it like to build a metaverse
  • How does AI play a part in the metaverse
  • How centralised should a decentralised metaverse be
  • Where will the metaverse will be in 2030
  • How to build within the metaverse
  • Blockchain security and the biggest problems
  • How to navigate the daily changes in blockchain technology


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