Dr. Mohamed Al Hemairy

@ Head, Technology Transfer Office, University of Sharjah

Dr. Mohamed Al Hemairy has 20 years’ experience in Research Management, Intellectual Property, Innovation & Technology Transfer from ideas to products in UAE and United Kingdom. He helped over a hundred researchers to file more than 130 inventions & managing around 250 patent applications in the largest IP portfolio in UAE. Mohamed has successfully commercialized and negotiated more than 10 Patent License Agreements with advanced Technology and Pharmaceuticals industries in USA, Japan, Denmark, Belgium and UAE.

Al Hemairy holds a PhD degree in Software Engineering from Coventry University (UK). His research interests are Healthcare Monitoring Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Technologies. He has also served on the University Innovation Support Team, where hundreds of innovative ideas & projects are explored & filtered for potential patenting & business opportunities. Beside IP & Innovation activities, he has a vast experience in managing pre-award & post-award funding research projects & ensuring the compliance with funding entity & University policies. During 2015 he worked in the executive team to establish the first “Science & Innovation Park: SIP” in UAE, which has been successfully launched in 2016. He is a project manager for the Innovation & Entrepreneurship HUB at University of Sharjah which will be inaugurated in February 2022 to host and incubate community’s innovative projects.

He has strong experience in directing & facilitating long-term relationships between University researchers & industry in addition to supporting University inventors & entrepreneurs through technology transfer services. Mohamed has successfully commercialized & negotiated a number of Patent License Agreements with industry. Mohamed is a well-known speaker at national & international level, he has been invited to give talks on IP & Innovation space in New York, Boston, London, Dubai and GCC region.