Dr. Mihaela Ulieru

@ Strategic Impact Leader, IOHK

Mihaela Ulieru sees herself as a ‘technology alchemist’ and is an ‘innovator at the edge of the impossible’. At the peak of her academic career she founded the Impact Institute for the Digital Economy with the aim of influencing policy reforms to encourage the adoption of digital technologies in all areas of society and sectors of the economy. Dr Ulieru has held two research chairs, founded two research labs and led numerous international research consortia. She has been appointed to many governmental and commercial advisory bodies, among them the Science, Technology and Innovation Council of Canada, and the Science and Engineering Research Council of Singapore. As a member of the World Economic Forum’s global agenda council on data-driven development, she made the proposal that resulted in blockchain being added to the forum’s 2016 list of top 10 future and emerging technologies. She joined IOHK in 2020.