Debbie Botha

@ Chief Partnership Officer, Global Women in AI

Debbie Botha– Chief Partnership Officer at Global Women in AI.
Debbie has worked as an IT consultant, architect and Executive for 25 years. She started with Cobol
programming on IBM Mainframe and got hooked on the Data, Analytics and AI space when she built one
of the first data warehouses in South Africa in the early 90’s. Her experience spans across 40 client
engagements across 4 continents and 10 industries. She loves to help others grow in their technical
careers by mentoring, teaching and speaking at Events, and developing communities like Women in AI.
Debbie is passionate to have Partners, Members and Volunteers as Fans of Women in AI, actively
empowering the community of women in the field of AI. The community has been pioneers in the
Metaverse, passionate about collaborating in the Women in AI Hub Metaverse since 2020.
In her talks, Debbie brings the perspective of how the Cognitive Enterprise can leverage the Metaverse
and the importance of baking Diversity and Inclusion into each phase of the process.