Daphna Ziman

@ President, Co-Chairman, Cinémoi

Daphna Edwards Ziman, is the President and Co-Chairman of
Cinémoi, a network devoted to film, fashion, and lifestyle. She is
also the founder of a music label, a movie writer and director, an
author and a philanthropist, known internationally and in the Halls
of Power in Washington, D.C. for her work on behalf of at-risk and
foster children.
Cinémoi is an elegant channel tailored for discerning viewers and
recognized for its high- quality eclectic array of classic and
contemporary curated movies and documentaries and its glamorous
coverage of top worldwide film festivals and Fashion Weeks.

In 2011, Ms. Ziman’s first novel, The Gray Zone, inspired by her
own experience adopting a daughter she rescued from a homeless
shelter, was a New York Times Bestseller, and it will soon be turned into a major motion picture. Now she
has completed two more books: The Man with the Gold and a poetry book called Beyond the Veil of
Formerly, Ziman was President of Edwards Entertainment International, an independent film and
television production company, and wrote and directed the movie, Footsteps, which stars Maria Conchita
Alonso and debuted on Showtime. Ms. Ziman also was President of the U.S. Film Distribution Company
of British & Continental and was an in-house Producer at CBS.
Away from the office, her passion is helping at-risk and foster youth. She is the founder and emeritus
chairperson of Children Uniting Nations, a charity that provides foster children with devoted non-paid
mentors, and successfully lobbied to amend the Family Preservation Act, ensuring the safety of children
returning home after foster care. She also started an initiative to eradicate sex trafficking globally called
Justice for Women and with that, building a village called Every Girl’s Village for girls that have been sex
trafficked which will allow them to build a real life and be safe without having to experience violence
against them.
Ms. Ziman also serves on the Board of Trustees of Children’s Institute International, is a Chairperson of
ABC LOVE (Adoption Brings Children Love), and has been the recipient of many honors, including: The
Jacqueline Kennedy Award by JFK University; the Women of Achievement Award by the North
American Council for Adoptable Children; the Uniting Children of the World Award by the Child Welfare
League of America; the 2011 Community Hero Award by the Dreamland Foundation; the 2010
Soromundi (Sisters of the World Award) by the YWCA of Greater Los Angeles; the 2007 Blue Skies
Award by Penny Lane Center; the 2006 Spirit of Life Award by LA’s City of Hope; the 2002 Spirit of
Compassion Award, presented by Aviva Family and Children Services; and the 1999 Peace & Tolerance
Lifetime Achievement Award for Child Advocacy.