Brandi Veil

@ Founder and CEO, Being Investments, CMO, Avisa Games Guild, Impact NFT Strategist

Brandi Veil CEO| CMO |Investor
Founder and CEO, Being Investments, CMO of Avisa Games Guild, and Impact NFT Strategist
Founder and CEO of Being Investments, a global board of advisors and consultancy for Web3, Metaverse, and impact NFT partnerships. Brandi Veil is committed to building Web3 communities that empower financial literacy, upskilling women and youth supporting 2030 (SDG) Social Development Goals. Brandi believes  (P2E) Play to Earn games, rewards, and incentivized learning will support a circular economy and the long-term Next Generation of creators with assets.
She says Web3 and P2E games enable a transparent, fun, and easy for everyone to tap into the Trillion dollar economy at their speed. She adds, “gamifying our life through fun, edutainment is the perfect partnership for stakeholders and potentially a solution for poverty to prosperity for those who would have never had an asset in their life.