Bernd Breiter

@ Founder and CEO, BigCityBeats

Bernd Breiter is a truly passionate entrepreneur known across Europe for his continually innovative festival and media events.
With his BigCityBeats GmbH and the international WORLD CLUB DOME festivals, he has successfully shaped the reputation of being an „innovator without borders“. Breiter is one of the most successful international organizers working today while his festivals and events attract close to 500,000 visitors per year, and are almost always sold out months in advance.

However, the 51-year-old didn’t begin his career in the event sector, but rather as a music producer, achieving multiple chart hits and receiving countless awards during this illustrious stage of his career. With the establishment of BigCityBeats GmbH, the new company became the creators of a variety of modern radio formats and innovative media offerings appealing to a far greater and more youthful target audience.

Following this Breiter stepped into the event industry, and before too long, the Frankfurt entrepreneur brimming with creative ideas began setting industry benchmarks while creating worldwide media attention for their various festival, music, and event brands.

Some of the incredible achievements that he and his BigCityBeats team have been responsible for include, ‘The First DJ Set in Space’, where he trained the astronaut Luca Parmitano to DJ from space. He „built“ a club in weightlessness, the highest club event in Europe on the Jungfrau mountain range in Switzerland’s Bernese Alps. With his WORLD CLUB DOME – Ice Club Train he created the fastest club in the world. He transformed jumbo jets and cruise ships into incredible club events, and with his WORLD CLUB DOME festivals is capable of turning entire stadiums and their surrounding areas into the „largest clubs in the world“.

For his latest project, Bernd Breiter has traveled to the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral to hand astronaut Matthias Maurer the ingredients for a “club kitchen” set to take place on the International Space Station ISS. The “Space Club Kitchen”, the largest “global dinner table” in mankind’s history will be launched in February 2022. The campaign conceived by the BigCityBeats CEO, will be the first international, global and orbital event that connects everybody worldwide with the two truly universal languages known by all “Music & Food”. And the incredible event will take place directly from Earth’s orbit on the ISS.
The intergalactic meal developed for this mission by star chef Tim Mälzer is the template for the universal dish that will connect the world for one day in aid of an incredible cause. When science meets entertainment, Bernd Breiter is calling for people to donate to those in need, and for every intergalactic meal sold as part of the Space Club Kitchen, Breiter will donate a portion toward the „One Billion Meals from Outer Space“ initiative.