Anton Golub

@ Founder & CEO, flovtec

Anton Golub is the founder and CEO of flovtec, a Swiss liquidity provider with the purpose to unlock digital assets. Anton is also a co-founder of Trust Square AG, a pre-eminent blockchain technology hub located in Zurich’s financial district. Anton co-founded Lykke Corp, a semi-decentralized exchange to trade all assets with zero fees. Prior to Lykke, he worked as a quantitative researcher at Olsen Ltd, an asset management firm that pioneered the field of computerized trading. As a Marie Curie Research Fellow at the Manchester Business School, Anton worked on high-frequency trading, market microstructure and flash crashes. In 2012, he was appointed to be part of the Foresight Project – The Future of Computer Trading in Financial Markets, an international project on algorithmic trading funded by HM Treasury in the UK. Anton has also been involved in several research projects backed by the European Union (EU) and he is currently in the Supervisory Board for the BigDataFinance project funded through Horizon 2020, the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. He has co-authored 13 academic papers and two books.