Andrey Diyakonov

@ Chief Commercial Officer,

Andrey Diyakonov is the Chief Commercial Officer at, a MetaFi platform that combines elements of centralized and decentralized financial solutions within a single marketplace.


As a seasoned business development executive and investment officer, Mr. Diyakonov is responsible for managing investor relationships and attracting new partners to, spearheading the company’s B2B program. Among other things, he is responsible for establishing cooperation with multiple funds, among which are Geekcartel, True Block Capital, Grupo HS3 and DEX Ventures.


Throughout his entire career, a desire to make the world a better place is what continued to guide Mr. Diyakonov. Prior to joining the crypto industry, he operated on the global political stage, running and staffing campaigns in the EU. He also worked as Fellow and Country Representative in the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations.


The international experience helped Mr. Diyakonov to research the world financial system and its problems, such as governmental control and fiat system’s limitations. At the same time he continuously paid attention to the developments in the fields of finance and commerce, eventually touching upon cryptocurrency in 2015. In cryptocurrencies Mr. Diyakonov saw a highly promising tool, one that could cross borders and convey value without third parties, allowing for greater financial freedoms and opportunities.